Assessing the quality of volunteered weather observations

Weather observations are typically collected by professional devices siting in open spaces. These weather stations provide very precise measurements, but they also require a regular maintenance and calibration of the sensors, which implies a high cost for national weather services. In general terms, one could say that we are good with the current weather forecast. In the end, the combination of in-situ measurements with numerical weather models and remote sensing data, provides a decent weather forecast for several days in advance.

Sharing research data in DANS

Sometimes serendipity knocks at your door in a very unusual way. Here in the Netherlands, getting your PhD degree requires uploading your research data to a public repository upon conclusion of your research. I did upload mine to the DANS repository (coordinated by KNAW and NWO) and this had an unexpected turn: my research data was the number 100,000 deposited into this repository, so the folks at DANS sent a (nerdy) cake to the ITC Faculty (UTwente) to celebrate this occasion!